Monday, February 10, 2014

Do you believe astrology can help you make wiser choices?

I have never been one of those people that was intrigued by astrology or followed it religiously. I will read the occasional horoscope, but I don't wait in anticipation for it to come out every day. Although I really have found that I fit most of the Scorpio traits. 

When I heard about FutureStars and their 6 and 12 month reports I was really intrigued. I am all about planning ahead and putting myself in the right state of mind for good things to come my way. So I figured, what better way to do that then get a look into my future. FutureStars offered me the opportunity to try their 6-month report but they also do 12-month reports. What I really loved about the idea was that it wasn't just some general stab in the dark guess because I am a Scorpio, you actually get your own astrology report based on your specific birth chart. The report aims to help you know what is happening around you and when.

With a long-term overview of what planets’ transits are affecting you in your FutureStars report, you can make wiser choices - and keep a low profile when you know everyone, like your boss, will be going crazy! Forewarned, you can understand the types of behavior to undertake - and to avoid - to make your life a positive experience.
Here is an example of my report for this week: 
Neptune square Uranus: 9/02/2014, Exact (in effect 10/01/2014 - 7/03/2014) During this once-in-a-lifetime transit, you may have difficulty separating fact from fantasy. You may be subject to sudden reversals in your mood, and your judgement is more cloudy than usual. You may also be surprised to find that situations and people in your life are not what you've believed them to be. 
Your interest in spiritual, mystical and metaphysical subjects will increase now. Psychic experiences may be unwelcome and unpleasant, as your ability to stay grounded is impaired. The unpleasantness will pass as you gain greater confidence in yourself. This is a good time to practice yoga and meditation as techniques to better ground yourself.  
Each report is around 35 pages long, is emailed within 5 minutes to your inbox and costs $59. You can also order the shorter 3- and 6-month email reports for $29 and $49. It's In The Stars also has a fun range of gift ideas for birthdays and Valentine's Day from luxury reports from $79 to readings with astrologers over the USA from $125.
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