Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Things I Learned From Loveology

God. Love. Marriage.Sex.
by Pastor John Mark Comer 

Recently, I was able to take the time to read the soon-to-be-hit Loveology. This book was just released February 4th, but it is sure to be a hit in the book club circuit and with the average Joe who simply loves love. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to dig deeper into god, love, marriage and sex. Without giving too much away I want to share 5 things I learned while reading this book. Don't worry there is way more for you to learn so buy the book!

1. The definition of love itself has become so broad and generic that we have started to lose a true understanding of what love means. John Mark explains that, "love is a noun and a verb", or better yet, "love is a feeling and an action." You have to both take the wheel, and sit in the passenger seat to experience real love.

2. We all know what marriage is, but do we have any clue what marriage is for? John Mark believes that there are four reasons for marriage - friendship, gardening, sexuality and family. We were not created to be alone, marriages creates a lasting friendship that we all deeply need. In life we all need a calling, or a "gardening" project; something that we are working on and working towards. Sexuality is best shared with another, or maybe not if that's your thing, but it is better shared with someone with no inhibitions. John Mark says, "the body is one-half of an equation. It's incomplete." 

3. There are four marks of what a healthy relationship should include on your way to marriage - the chase, the line, the friends and the journey to the day. In order for a relationship to begin a man must first chase, or draw a woman in. John Mark explains that the chase means that the man is, "coaxing her out of hiding. Creating a safe place for her. Calling her into the open." Interestingly enough the friends, means that both friends and family should be able, to not just be there for you during your relationship but freely offer up their opinions on it. 

4. Dating to date is just stupid. One of my favorite snippets from the book, that I wholeheartedly agree with is that, "dating to date is stupid. It's a waste of your heart, and it's a waste of your time. You're not looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. You're looking for a husband or wife." I believe in dating with a purpose, otherwise spend your energy growing yourself.

5. Singleness is a gift. Essentially being single isn't freedom from responsibility, it's freeing you up for more responsibility. I loved reading this because I have always felt that being single gave me the time I needed to build my career. Single isn't something I want to be forever but for now it's necessary to become the person I need to be. 

To get more great insight from John Mark Comer make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. I enjoyed this book so much I took the opportunity to host a giveaway at a ladies night to pass on the great messages from John Mark. Can't wait to hear the feedback the winner has to share!
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