Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Drink NERGIA for a natural energy boost

As a freelancer who works on multiple projects at a time, not only do I find myself wishing for more hours in a day but I also wish I had a constant flow of energy. Oddly enough, I often find myself jealous of the energy level of my five month old puppy, Maizy. Let’s be honest, I’m no spring chicken. I couldn't pull an all nighter to write a 20 page paper like I did my senior year in college if my life depended on it. Ok well MAYBE if my life depended on it, but you see where I’m going with this. Sometimes, I need a boost of energy to help me stay up late, like I use to in college, when I have a major project or presentation due the next day. I've tried several different energy drinks and coffee, and I always end up with a headache or crashing out. 

Finally, I found a great new product that can give me my much needed energy boost but not leave me feeling like a zombie when it starts to wear off. NERGIA (pronounced: EN-ER-GIA) is new to the scene and provides that boost of energy that we all need from time to time.The best part about it is not just that you can stay up longer, but what you’re putting into your body is all natural. You don’t have to feel like you’re drinking a chemical that can turn your insides bright green. NERGIA is organic and made from Guarana seeds, Açaí berries and Catuaba bark, which have all been sustainably harvested and bottled for a pure boost of clean energy. NERGIA ingredients are sourced from the Brazilian Rainforest where some of the world’s most important botanical resources have been discovered. Which, quite frankly, is pretty darn cool!

A main concern of mine, when trying products like this is the amount of sugar or fake sugar in the product. I do not believe all of the artificial sweeteners that are being forced on us is good for us, and I don't even like how it tastes anyhow. Thankfully, NERGIA uses pure and natural low and no calorie sweeteners. As if the natural ingredients were not enough, the packaging is glass and recyclable. Beyond that the glass packaging prevents the chemical properties of plastic from leaking into the product and our bodies. This product lets you leave the stress of trying to figure out what you really just drank behind.

Right now, you can find NERGIA at, but expect to see it locally soon! Learn more about NERGIA on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

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