Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 8 - Five things that are most important to you in a future mate

I knew my 30 Day Blog Challenge would not be a consecutive 30 days, but hey I'm still doing it. 

Day 8 - Five things that are most important to you in a future mate...

ONE - GENUINE/HONEST I need someone that is real and authentic. Know what you want out of a relationship and present yourself that way. Don't talk the talk and run the other direction when it's time for you to deliver. Don't tell a woman you want a relationship and try to sleep with her on the first date. Be proud of who you are and represent yourself in an honest way.

TWO - 
GOAL DRIVEN Know what you want in your career and your future. Over the past year I have met so many men who live at home, just aren't sure, or are still chasing dreams without backup plans. Have plans. Dreams are great, chase them on the side or have a really damn solid plan to make it happen. Other goals are to have a nice home or live in a beautiful condo in the sky. Know where you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years. Could you imagine leaving your city? Do you want to live in a one bedroom forever? Plans, goals, dreams...have them! 

THREE - LOVING I don't want to ever guess if a man loves me or is in love with me. I want him to show me how he feels and tells me. I am very upfront with my feelings and I need the same in a partner. I want someone to go above and beyond. Do the little things as well as the big things. Know everything about me and care about my day. I don't want to get into some relationship that turns generic and boring. Love with everything you have. Give it your all. Grow what you have and enjoy every moment. 

FOUR - NOT A HOME BODY You only live once, get out and enjoy it. I love being out and about. I am not a home body at all. I'd prefer to be at a festival, event, having a drink or dinner. There is so much in life to experience and I have only just begun. I eventually need to get some traveling under my wing. I'd love to travel with someone. I absolutely love going to sporting events so I need someone who could go to a lot of games with me. Just getting out for a nice walk on the lake works too! It's just about living for the moment and enjoying life and all the options it has to offer. 

FIVE - PASSIONATE A relationship needs balance. We have to work on an emotional, mental and physical level. If we don't have passion and an undeniable spark we will get bored with each other sooner than later. Chemistry is extremely important. I dated someone in the past and my lack of attraction to him killed my interest in him. It made all the issues stand out more than ever. 

I really don't think any of these things are extremely difficult. I also, do not think I'm asking too much by wanting these things. I'm not asking for three homes, a fleet of cars and diamonds every month ;) All of those things wouldn't hurt, but hey a girl can do without them! One place to live, something for each of us to drive and a big fat ring when the time comes. Count me in. 

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