Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 5 - Biggest misconception people have about single life

For some reason, people look at the single life as this glamorous life with endless possibilities. They envision dating someone different every night. One problem, you cannot just date whoever you want. Single life doesn't come with sparklers and fireworks. Single life comes with just as many, if not way more challenges. Dating is relatively impossible. Ok, that is an exaggeration. What is impossible is finding someone you want to date. Sure I could go on a date every single night with pretty much all men I have no interest in. Some women do that to get free meals, I am not that girl. I will not use someone for a free meal. 

People act like single people answer to no one so we can do whatever we want when we want. I mean, to an extent sure but we still have jobs and responsibilities. I think the people who normally have this opinion are those who settled way too early and never really went through a real stage of dating. Your 20s are for dating. Marriage shouldn't be allowed till after 25 years old. You have to figure so much out about yourself before you're truly prepared to settle down. Learn about life. Single isn't glamorous, give it a try. Experience the life. Learn about yourself. 

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