Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Puppy Love

And they called it puppy love 
Oh I guess they'll never know 

How a young heart really feels 

And why I love her so I'm being slightly dramatic. I have wanted a dog for so long but the timing and situation was just never right. Now I live alone and work from's TIME! My apartment has pretty strict pet rules about "aggressive" breeds which bums me out. Dogs when raised right are not going to be aggressive. So a pit bull is out, which was my initial want. 

I started my hunt one Saturday at one of Chicago's adoption facilities. Found a dog that I fell in love with. This little guy was so cute. He is in the picture! His sheet said Boxer/Shepherd. Boxers are ok. Shepherds not so much. I felt like that could be hidden because it wasn't part of the look. I get home and realize they changed the breed to American Can't have that breed either. I went up there Sunday and talked to a woman who worked there to learn more about the breed and why they kept changing it. She gave me several other it could be. None of which it looked like in hundreds of photos online, but I was stuck. Hands tied. She was wrong and I could do nothing about it. Unfortunately, the dog just was too much of an unknown breed wise so I would not have been able to pass him with my apartment. The woman also was hinting to me that if it was even questionable that they would deny me for the dog. 

I now know how much I want a dog though. The hunt continues. I think I want a boxer mix for sure. They grow up kind of ugly but that gives it character. I know I will fall in love with the dog and not care if it's a little less attractive as it ages ;) 
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