Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Five Faves

Today, I am jumping on a cool trend I noticed this morning. I saw at least 5-10 bloggers that I follow sharing five good things that happened to them this week. I will try to keep up with this every Friday, and call mine Friday's Five Faves. Don't be shocked if you sometimes see this posted on Saturday ha. 

1. I made Crockpot Chicken & Shrimp Gumbo and it was delicious. Super easy to make. I created a recipe and shared it here. By "created" I mean I took variations of about 5 different recipes then added and subtracted to make my own!

2. iPhone 5s announcement - Yep, I'm a dork. I am so ready for a new phone. I have the 4s still, so it's time for an upgrade! Now I just need someone to wait in line with me September 20th. 

3. Talked to one of my favorite friends on the phone today. Her and I have kept in touch for years and we always will but today was a great day where we finally sat down for a phone conversation. I hope to go visit her in NYC soon. She has always not only been a mentor to me but also just like a big sister. 

4. This may seem super insignificant but the blinds in my new apartment went up this week. I had paper blinds for two weeks. They did the trick but looked tacky. Now I have really nice heavy blinds up! My place feels very completed.  

5. My old best friend added me on LinkedIn after not talking for 3 years. Ok, this one sounds weird, I know. I met my best guy friend in college, he quickly became like a little brother. We stayed close for about 5 years after I graduated college. I am extremely close with his family to this day. About 3 years ago he met a girl, who I feel brainwashed him OR something. He stopped talking to me and his family when they got serious. I stopped trying to call a year into him never responding. A year ago I tried to email him but never heard anything. This past week I added him on LinkedIn thinking maybe he'd add me back and then I could email him. He connected. I emailed him. No response, yet. We shall see. 

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a wonderful weekend :) 

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