Sunday, August 18, 2013

Online Dating - Can Women Make Moves Too?

How is it that online dating still has a relatively large stigma attached to it? It's 2013, a third of couples getting married met online. Lets all get over it. Shake it off. It is just online dating. Do not be embarrassed that your Mr./Mrs. Right didn't just fall off the turnip truck. Effort isn't a bad thing. People aren't meeting in grocery stores and at church as much as they use to. By the way, in the history of love did anyone really ever meet at the grocery store? I don't believe it. I want proof.

Today, there is a dating site for everyone - paid, free, straight, gay, second time around, and even sugar babies. I know about that one because my co-worker use to look at it (you know who you are). I'm sure somewhere out there there is a dating site for people who are gluten free. There really is a site for every type of person. Not only websites but now things like groupers exist and apps where you can swipe through potentials.

Here is maybe my biggest issue with people and online dating. Women who sign up for online dating sites and even pay for it but REFUSE to ever say hi to a man or even "flirt" or "wink" whatever the case may be. I do not understand the concept. Oh wait, there is more. These same women will complain that not enough men are contacting them. At this point I normally wonder if their parents dropped them when they were children. I completely agree that a man should take charge and event court a woman BUT to get to that point he has to meet you. There are thousands of people on dating sites, especially in big cities. Why not say hi to a guy who looks like a great fit. Spark a conversation. Don't worry that does not mean you have to propose and buy the ring. The weird thing is that I see this mainly with older friends who are still single. Break out of your shell. If things haven't worked your way yet, give something else a try. If you absolutely hate trying it then don't do it a second time.

I personally think a great match for everyone is out there. Maybe several. I don't think they all have to be in our backyard or just so happen to see you first and say hi to you first. If you want love and happily ever after and all that wonderful stuff put yourself out there more and maybe even say hi to someone first. It doesn't hurt. I mean no one likes when someone is not interested back but geez its online its not like it was a face to face rejection. Nut up ladies.

If you're one of these women I want to understand why? What is the harm in a hi to get the conversation started? You could be missing out on a wonderful catch. 

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