Monday, August 12, 2013

Blogger Lounge Famous

Look I'm famous! @MsNycole & The Savvy Brunette
I have to say, I have not had so much fun at an event in awhile. The event offered up food, music, art and so much more! I met new friends, saw old friends and saw lots of handsome fellas. Also, fell in love with this adorable little dog that I wanted to kidnap. 

The Street Food Artistry staff did a wonderful job putting everything together. There was so much to do, see and experience. Weather was nice and warm almost the entire time. The sky opened up the last hour. I had been there all day so I took off at that point. 

I got to try a lot of new things at the fest. One of my favorite new things was Jerk Chicken from the Jerk food truck. For $7 you got some chicken and a piece of bread. The chicken was spicy, but I was actually able to manage my way through it. I am normally horrible with anything and everything spicy but I did it like a champ. If you'd like to give them a try you can follow them on Twitter to find out where they're parked by going here.

Friends always make everything that much more fun!

My next favorite discovery was a tie between the mustache cookies from Getta Polpetta you see to the right and a Courvoisier Gold drink. I recommend giving it a try. Very tasty. Sweet but not too sweet. They describe it as:
A first of its kind, Courvoisier Gold is a light and exquisite cognac experience that is crafted with a delicate blend of Moscato wine from the South of France and Courvoisier’s signature cognac. 

Food truck heaven.

I wish I wasn't counting calories so closely because there were so many food trucks and stands at the event and I could have gone crazy!

Here is a list so you can follow them on Twitter and try them if you can find them:
- Jerk
- Herby Pop (Had a sample...AMAZING)
- Getta Polpetta (mustache cookies!)
- Puffs of Doom

What is an event without a selfie? 

My true highlight of the evening was arriving at the Bloggers Lounge and seeing the signage which you see in a photo above. My name is on there. Yep, project make myself a brand is working. I met a lot of great bloggers and even met some Twitter pals in real life. That was a great time.

Before I go...I have to give a quick shout out to a new pal I made, George. I bombarded him with questions because I saw his fraternity letters on a hat and found out he went to Toledo which is right by BGSU and went to the same HS as my mom back in Ohio. Small world. Anyhow he is a Style Consultant for J.Hilburn this really nice custom made shirt place! I totally want to have one made. Here is his website if you're looking for some really sharp dress shirts.

#SFA2013 you rocked... #SFA2014 bring it ;) Can't wait. 
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