Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swipe...Scam or Brilliant

Yesterday I got the weirdest text message asking me to check out a picture. The catch was that first I had to download some app. First and foremost, I'm nosey so it all sounded like a grand idea. Of course I had to figure out what this picture was. I download this app called, Swipe. Come to find out there is no picture but this is just a tricky way for some company that somehow got my number to get me to download their app.

Shady, but somehow smart because now I keep playing with this app. It is just like Tinder which I have heard a lot about but not used. You just swipe through photos and you give them the X or a heart. Oddly entertaining. If people are a match they message you. I'll get bored and delete it soon but for now this company that somehow stole my phone number has gained my interest.

If you are completely bored and want to get your swipe on then go download it.
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