Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marriage Equality

Something I saw on Facebook earlier today got me thinking. The post was an engagement ring photo, posted by an old high school classmate. Immediately, I was happy for her! I don't keep in touch with old high school friends but Facebook keeps me in the know. Anyhow, I noticed she is engaged to a woman. My sentiments of happiness for her didn't change one bit when realizing that. In fact, I was really happy she is out,  happy and gets a rocking ring.

This post made me think about her and my other friends from high school. No one knew she was gay (at least no one said anything if they did). Not even sure if she knew. I honestly cannot remember one person in my high school being openly gay. I was in high school from 97-01, were people still scared then or was it a small town thing? Small town mentalities very greatly from major cities. I personally have my own dating preference that I use to always get joked with about. I have always only dated black men and some of my friends, specifically men, made a lot of jokes about it. Are kids in small schools more critical of each other?

This brings me to the topic of this blog, took awhile didn't it.  Marriage equality. It is something I feel very strongly about. I have no doubt in my mind that everyone deserves true love and that love deserves a chance to be recognized legally. Not to mention that with marriage comes so many benefits that many of us don't think of or take for granted. I have read endless articles about gay couples losing everything and not having rights if something happens to a loved one. Can you imagine being with someone for 20 years, losing them and then not even being able to attend the funeral? I can't, in fact it disgusts me. When forming an opinion make sure you know the facts. Know how this can effect the people involved. There is a great fact sheet you can check out here. I also encourage you to check out this great website to see what the current status of Marriage Equality is in each of our states.

We as a society need to stop being so judgmental. It's not our place to say who can love each other and who cannot. There are so many more pressing issues we can busy ourselves with. Here in Chicago I think we could worry about how 500+ people were murdered last year. Unfortunately, instead of worrying about that the government would rather stall on passing marriage equality. I know that someday marriage equality will be everywhere. When that day is, is up in the air. I hope for the sake of all the amazing people who deserve to get married but cannot that that day is soon!

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