Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whatever happened to manners?

Today I posted this message on Facebook, "The "thank you" or cordial hello wave is very underutilized in our society. A guy gave me the cordial hello neighbor wave as we passed in my garage today and I thought wow how friendly more people need to do that. Even more important is the thank you wave when someone lets you out when you're driving. When someone doesn't give me the thank you wave I kind of want to give them a real FU back hand. I dunno why it makes me so mad that people don't have manners but how hard is a quick little cordial thank you wave?". A good friend of mine replied asking why people also don't say thank you when others open the door for them. This brings an even broader issue to the table. 


Do you make sure to say thank you whenever someone does something nice for you? On the other end do you get frustrated when you do something nice and the person doesn't say thank you?

I'm keeping this post short and sweet but I'm sitting here pondering why people simply aren't nice to each other anymore. Why is it so crazy to say hi to a stranger in the elevator? Did we all become shy? I think the answer is more likely because too many of us became self absorbed. 

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