Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year....2013 here I come!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I realize I have become horrible at posting on my blog and I have to make that change. Time to chronicle some of the randomness going on in my life and take this blog back to what it originally was. A place to just rant and talk about whatever. I realized that to my surprise some people actually read The Savvy Brunette which is AWESOME. I want to thank everyone who has ever read a post or even taken a peak! I appreciate it. It has motivated me to get it together and get back to my blog that I love. In all reality I am "The Savvy Brunette" or so I think ;) Savvy is one of many words I use to describe myself along with cooky, stressed, silly, nerd, loving...I could go on. I'm a little bit of everything and that is why I am who I am. Postings to come soon...

2013...it's going to be a good one. I say that because I refuse to have a bad one. No more men or work stress or drama. If it's not working I will find something that works better.

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