Monday, June 25, 2012

Tipping Etiquette

Quite often I have wondered how much to tip when it came to services and really everything beyond eating out at a restaurant. I'm a very generous person if the service is good so I always want to make sure I'm giving enough. Not knowing the proper tipping etiquette can actually be rather stressful. Have you ever gotten your hair or nails done and loved them, but had no idea what the proper tip was? I still to this day have no idea so I way over tip. Knowing how to tip the housekeeper, forget it, I'm clueless when it come to that too. There are even times when you can tip but its not necessary, but how do you know? How about after a massage, do you tip? You're suppose to. I have massage merchants who consistently share stories of being stiffed. I'm convinced people just don't know better. 

For those out there like me I did some research and put together a list of the basic services and their tipping rules. Hopefully this can be helpful for you, if you aren't sure all the time just like me.
  • Restaurant- The standard is 15%. I tend to do 20%+ if the service is good though. Quite frankly I think the standard should be 20% in 2012 when the cost of living is outrageous. People do not be confused, all too often lately I have heard from men that the standard their grandma taught them was 10%....NOT TRUE anymore!! Tip well :) 
  • Bar- The same goes for the bar, tip 15% and 20%+ if the service is great. Sometimes I'll just do $1 a drink to make it easy. 
  • Speaking of restaurants and bars...if you're using a Coupon or Daily Deal discount....TIP ON THE TOTAL before the discount comes off. This is a huge, yet common mistake. 
  • Massage therapist- 15%
  • Nails- 15%
  • Hair stylist- 15-20% I also learned you should tip your shampoo girl (sorry all girls of the past). 
  • Car Detailing- 10% Make sure to tip appropriately also depending on the # of attendants working.
  • Food Delivery - 15% (I try to tip at least $2-3 minimum)
  • Taxi- 15%
  • Valet- Tip when the car is returned $2-3
If you can think of any please add on!! 
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