Monday, February 27, 2012

There is Value in a Professionally Written Resume

A good friend of mine and I were discussing her job hunt this weekend and it really brought me back to all the job hunting I have done over time. It is definitely not a fun process but if you hang in there and put forth all of your effort it'll pay off. The last time I was job hunting I had updated my resume and felt very good about it but I was embarking on a career shift also. At that time I decided it would be important to bring a resume company in to help me create the best possible resume. I found a great company via Twitter called Resume Express that gave me a free consultation with a lot of feedback on my current resume structure. Their free consultation wowed me and at that time I decided to purchase their service and get help creating a new resume and cover letter that would be fresh and really bring me to the next level. I worked with Alexander who I had found on Twitter. 

My biggest challenge was figuring out how to show people that 7+ years of nonprofit sales and marketing translated perfectly to sales in the for profit industry. Alex gave me some feedback on my current resume and told me about the direction he wanted to take it in. He went a very different direction from what I had, but he really broke down what was important and what would stand out to potential employers. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who is really serious about having a top notch resume. For me being armed with a new resume was power in itself, it was a fresh push that I needed to get back out there and really show people what I could do. 

When it came to Resume Express and working with an online company I was very hestitant and even scared to lose money or not ever get a finished product. Alex was great and walked me through each step. He had things done very quickly and made sure he'd tailor it to what my career goals and passions were.  I would recommend Alex's services to anyone wanting a great professional resume. My biggest concern was the translation of my nonprofit background, but it never was an issue…After seeing the finished product I was more than happy and want to recommend Alex and this company to anyone looking. 

Hopefully this blog will help people choose to put a few dollars into a great company that will help you create the resume you need to get the right jobs!!
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