Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friends...having great ones or a lot of them?

When my birthday came knocking I became kind of emotional. Not even because I was turning 29 (I don't look it so it doesn't stress me out) but because I thought I hadn't made enough friends in my "old age". When it came time to create the invite list for dinner it was pretty short. Up until a good friend gave me a good mental shaking I was really sad and started to think that maybe I had made a mistake by not taking the time to make more friends over the years. I realized when my friend gave me the "mental shake" that it was so much more important to have a handful of friends you could truly count on then have a huge group of friends to that could just fill a table at a birthday party but would never be there if you needed them.

I see people with large groups of friends but really how many of those people can you count on to help you through anything. Those are the people that count. The rest are just filler. I think it's important to always continue to make great quality friends but my being emotional about it really wasn't necessary I realized. So many more things to stress about in life. I chose to not talk to people from high school because frankly I have nothing in common with them and it just does not really interest me in the least. I keep contact with my closest college friends.

Sometimes it takes a bit of an irrational moment to really wake us up and help us see what really matters. I should know...I have my fair share of irrational moments but I believe in learning from my mistakes and being honest with myself no matter how hard it is to get to the point where you can learn.
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