Saturday, September 24, 2011

Should parents be friends with their kids on Facebook?

I was just watching the news and a clip of a press conference came up of an angry mother who was telling everyone that if you child has nothing to hide then they should let you be their Facebook friend. This made me thinking, do kids really have to "friend" their parents on Facebook. Isn't Facebook sort of the modern day diary? I'm 28 so there was no Facebook when I was younger, I had diaries. So isn't friending your parent like handing them a pass to see your diary? I think it is. You're not necessarily going to put your deepest darkest secrets on Facebook, but kids surely get close enough. When I was working at a school I would see kids pages that had pictures of them drinking and much more that would completely frighten me if I was a parent. I think kids are doing way more than they should and their parents should do better policing of them but I do not know if being their Facebook friend is really going to make a difference. I see it from both sides. Parents should absolutely want to know what is going on in their kids lives but I think this is where they need to do better parenting and help their children trust them so that they can talk to them. Don't scare your kids so much that they won't talk to you and don't be their best friends so that they do not fear you. Bottomline is that Facebook is not the answer and it won't give you all the answers that you need.

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