Sunday, September 18, 2011

College athletes should not be paid

Everytime someone brings this up, I admit I am a tad disgusted. College athletes are paid. They get free room, board, food. They don't really have bills during college. A free degree isn't payment enough? I know my degree cost me over $60,000 and by the time I pay it off it will have been doubled so about $125,000. So that isn't worth it to them? It's complete bullshit. Not only that but if you think of college sports like a regular business, most regular businesses make a ton of money off of their hardest working employees who don't make nearly enough. So guess what....welcome to the real world. You get a free degree for all your hard work. That is the trade off. You do not deserve to get paid. People have been working for way less than their worth since working began, it is basically just how life is. I don't know why this is so shocking or such relevant now a days. I agree that it should be punished and not considered.

Lesley Ryder of the Huffington Post made a great point, "Depending on the school, a full scholarship can be worth upwards of $200,000. A free degree (especially from a prestigious university) in this economic climate is a godsend. It's hardly slave labor." [article found here: ]

I really want to know everyone's thoughts on this though. Please share!
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