Saturday, June 18, 2011

New found respect for Khloe K.

Khloe always seems to get the flack because she's the Kardashian the stands out and isn't perfect like the other girls. I love her business savvy and her heart. Also, she will do and say anything. I wish I had that capability...I'm a total wuss lol.

The one thing that bugs me about all the gossip news is when they talk so poorly about this girl, Khloe is not big or fat. Give me a break people. This is why normal women have so many self-esteem issues. If a girl whose like a size 4 or whatever is fat then what are the real women suppose to do with ourselves. Ouch.

The fact that her mother, Kris, is giving her flack about her weight is horrible. I felt so sorry for Khloe when she broke down and just started crying because she isn't happy with herself. I couldn't imagine what it's like in the spotlight and also having perfect sisters. I felt so bad that she was sad.

Also, I heart Lamar. Their reality show has made me love them as a couple. I think my favorite part of the season was when he farted and said that was like dusting I almost spit out my drink. He seems like the biggest dork which is so much fun.
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