Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do people really want their ex's to be happy?

I'm pretty sure if you asked a room full of men and women this question you'd probably get responses split down the middle. Personally I think everyone deserves happiness in their lives, even my ex's. I think they deserve to find happiness, even though for one reason or another they didn't end up making me happy. The thing is our ex's move on from our lives to make room for us to find the right one. I truly believe people enter our lives for a reason, sometimes it's to help us learn and sometimes its to cause hurt so we can become stronger. Either way, each relationship is a lesson to be learned if we pay close attention.

Maybe the bigger question should be whether or not we would be happy for an ex if they moved on and became happy. There is a major difference between being happy for someone and wanting them to be happy. I absolutely want my ex's to be happy but there will always be that part of me that thinks of all the mistakes they made that made me cry so why would I want to be happy for them. In the end I want my ex's to find happiness and because they are a part of my past I usually don't involve myself with their present. I can't say that I keep any of my ex's around as close friends because I realized it's better to learn and grow then learn and stay in the same place. Everything about my life is all about moving on and being better with each step. I don't really keep much of the past in the present for that reason. I don't really know how to respect people who spent energy lying to me. I don't think it's worthwhile. I have friends who keep close relationships with ex's and I absolutely don't understand. In fact I think it makes them look like the victim sometimes, like someone got the best of them. Maybe that's really what it is. I won't let someone make a fool of me or make me feel like hell and then give them the opportunity to be a friend. With all that said I do want everyone to find their own happiness, we all deserve it.
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