Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unemployment is no joke

Wow so it has been FIVE months since I have had a job. I am not gonna lie this is the hardest time in my life. I have been unemployed before but this is huge because my loans have to be paid. No deferment or forbearance left to use. I have bills and expenses that do not understand or take a break for my unemployment.

I have said this before, my job being eliminated from the school was a good thing. Sounds weird, but it really was. I was miserable under the new management, because they were purposely trying to drive people out. Constant 8-5 negativity believe it or not is still worse than unemployment. It also gave me the push I need to figure out what I really want to do professionally and take the huge leap. Problem is that that leap is not easy nor is it definite. I cannot just jump into this new industry and say hire me. Believe me, I have been trying for the past several months. I have given it the most effort the past two to three months but still that is way too long to not be getting positive results. I have had a few interviews. Some of which just were not right for me or not enough money.

I am dying to break into the digital technology and media industry but it is so damn hard. I do not know how to kick a door open and get my foot into the right place. I am putting my resume out everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. I found a few new sites to job hunt on this week and thats helping some. I need an ego boost because this really is giving me a pretty severe shot to the ego. Its hard to have had so much success professionally and than just fall off the map completely. From Vice President to unemployed is not the direction I have been killing myself for the past six years to take. I'm ready for positivity in my life and a great 2011. I sure hope its on its way very soon!! 
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