Friday, January 7, 2011

Body Scanners, Pat Downs...oh my!

Over Christmas I took to the friendly sky's after a five year hiatus. I don't like flying and especially not alone but I know it is time to get over this fear and just do it so I can enjoy life. When I was preparing to fly I did not even give the whole security thing a second thought. I wasn't stressed about going through body scanners, I was more worried about the take off of the airplane and turbulence. Once I got in the security line I was more frustrated with having to take off my knee high boots and walking around the dirty floor in my socks then having to sit back down and put them on.

When I got to Midway I was one of the first ones to get in line for security so it went very quickly. When I got up and put all of my stuff on the little convyer belt thing this one security lady was really rude cause I forgot to take my scarf off. Duh I never fly so I didn't really think about it. She told me to take off my coat which I already said. I told her it was just a hooded sweatshirt so then she pulled me aside to "feel me up" aka give me a pat down. No below the belt action...good thing she was so not my type haha. She did get to first base though and realized I had no bombs so I got to go through. At Midway Airport I didn't even see the body scanner, and I heard they had one.

When I got to Cleveland Hopkins airport to come back home to Chicago there was a body scanner being used and I was kinda interested in going in it but I guess I looked less shady so no one paid me any attention and just let me pass through. I saw a lady have to stand perfectly still in it though. I honestly don't think I'd mind it. My thoughts when flying are; "please don't let me die". So if someone scanning my body helps that come true I'm all about it. I think the airport should have strict rules. On my way back from home in Ohio my biggest worry was that my several dozen cookies wouldn't make it through security lol. They did! And my ass is growing because of it.

I can still remember where I was September 11, 2001 when the terrorist attacks happen. I feel like I still think of that when flying which is why I'm very afraid of flying. In fact I did not fly for the first time until after the attacks so that didn't help my nerves at all. Sometimes I wonder how many other people still have that in their mind. I also wonder if we worry enough about potential things happening in the future. I don't think I worried about much before that happened but I gained a level of anxiety afterwards and distrust for people I don't know.
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