Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone
I hope that everyone enjoys their family and friends on this wonderful day.

It's so funny to reflect back on Christmas adventures over the years. Last year Christmas night I was in Denny's laughing like crazy with my mom and sister. Who knows what this year will hold. Right now I am in Ohio so I'm hoping to update ASAP and fill you in on more of my adventures. My family is my world and I appreciate the time I spend with them more than any other time I have in my life. 

As a kid Christmas is about the presents we get and how quick we can wake up Christmas morning to run to the tree to unwrap our gifts. As an adult its all about making others happy and seeing their reaction to the things you get them. I love this holiday. Even though I am broke this holiday it's just the fact that I get to be home with the people I love. 

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