Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 10 – Have you ever thought about giving up on life?

16 Day Blog Challenge. 

Day 10 – I can honestly say that I have never seriously considered suicide, which is my interpretation to this question (giving up on life).  There were times when I was younger when I'd think about my father not wanting me that I'd briefly think I wasn't worth it. I just never thought suicide was an answer. I have been very lucky to have family who loved me and always made me feel great about myself and feel worth it. Still to this day when I'm stressed out the first thing I do is call family. I appreciate them being there for me and teaching me the value of myself and my gifts. 

I hope that more people can really take advantage of a support system such as a family and friends to keep them strong when they are going through a tough time. No one should choose suicide as a mission. 

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