Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted....Did You?

I VOTED (last week), DID YOU? Voting is so important, I have been doing it since age 18. This is my first time voting in Illinois though. I use to vote absentee in Ohio because I wasn't sure if I was planning to stay and I also felt Ohio needed all the Democratic votes that it could get. I knew it was most definitely was time to register here though because I have been here 5 1/2 years.

While checking out my Facebook and Twitter this past week I was really saddened to see that a lot of people were not planning to vote. I did my best to impart my "wisdom" to try to motivate my friends who were confused to put it nicely. I never ever push my opinions on others or tell them who to vote for, but I think it is very important for people to know how important voting is.

The response I got from some was:
"I don't like any of the candidates". 
"I'll vote in 2012 for Obama again". 
"I'm waiting to vote for Mayor next year".
"This election isn't important".
"My vote doesn't really count". 
"I don't know, if I have time". (which as we all know means not gonna happen)

My thought on all of those responses aka EXCUSES is that those are not good reasons, in fact there is no good reason. We vote because it gives us rights, and it gives us the right to have an opinion. If you do not vote, do not expect anyone to listen to you complaining when a politician you hate does something that turns your stomach. Take the time and just vote, show that not only do you have opinions but you really care about choosing someone to make changes.

One of the most important things about voting today in this election is that Obama needs to maintain power so that he can make important decisions and have the support for those decisions to matter. Obama needs Democrats in office so that he will have that support. So even if you do not know anything about politics, if you're an Obama supporter/fan then just vote a democratic ticket. 

DISCLAIMER: In no way shape or form am I encouraging people to vote Democratic just because I do. I do not judge people for their political affiliation. I just think its important to make a decision and then go out and vote!!

The picture above was my cute little foursquare badge I earned by voting. I had to check in today and say "I Voted" to earn it, even though I voted last week! It still counts, I VOTED!! The second one was just silly! 
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