Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Savvy Brunette

My blog and I have survived a year together. 80 blogs later and it's already been a! I promise to give my blog much more attention in year two. I have really enjoyed starting The Savvy Brunette though, I even bought my URL which was an awesome step!!

I have been so busy with life that it took me a little bit to even post my 1 year. I just turned 28 years old and I'm very excited about that. I'm hoping for a great year, and a great 2011. I have a feeling things are going to be good and I plan to share the good and the bad on my blog!!

Thank you to everyone who had read my blog over the past year and especially those who have commented. I really appreciate it!!
ALSO.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Gobble gobble!
Be thankful for all the amazing people in your life, and for the opportunity to wake up everyday and breathe fresh air. We control our own lives, even when it does not feel like it. Be thankful for the choices you make, and the opportunities you have. I know I am. 
 I am unfortunately not with my family this year but I am so thankful for everything they do for me, especially my grandparents. They are my rock. I'm thankful to have such a loving sister and mother as well and wonderful friends who really made my 28th birthday special. I'm thankful that even though my life hasn't been perfect I have an opportunity to make changes to make it even better!! 
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