Friday, October 29, 2010

28 things to do while I'm 28

I am almost TWENTY-EIGHT years old! Just a little under a month away and I'll be that much closer to 30...eeek!! I think I kind of wasted age 27 on being absolutely miserable at a job and dating a ton of weenies...NO MORE OF THAT! The official list start date is my birthday: November 21st, so hopefully I remember to come back in a year and see if I completed it all. I will try to update as I go. 

  1. GET IN SHAPE…shed some extra lbs.
  2. Enjoy life…figure out what my “happiness” is and how to start traveling towards it.
  3. Date a better quality of men. No more D-bags for age 28!!
  4. Visit my family in Ohio more. A few measly times a year is not acceptable!!
  5. Make some new friends! 
  6. Travel to Miami to see my bestie Devon
  7. Travel to NYC to see my good friend Nicole and just see NYC for the first time
  8. Start a new career path, one that will be the one I was meant to travel one.
  9. Get over my fear of flying, or at least make an attempt and get on a plane
  10.  Get a new car!! Vroom Vroom.
  11. Waste less time online tweeting & facebooking. 
  12. Blog more (not a waste of online time).
  13. Volunteer for a nonprofit that I actually care for. 
  14. Look into becoming a mentor to kids.
  15.  Get a new tattoo or two. “Just Breathe” first'
  16. Drink a lot less pop, like 75% less than what I drink now. 
  17. CHILL OUT...stop stressing about everything. Life will work out.
  18. Convince my roommate to sign a 2nd year lease in our townhome :)
  19. Find some hobbies that get me out and enjoying life.
  20. Go to more festivals and Chicago activities.
  21. Wear a dress. Ok this sounds weird but I have been wearing one a year and it was for a gala I did, and now that I'm no longer involved I need to really push myself to do this. 
  22. Let my family and friends know how much they mean to me. 
  23. Take more pictures to remember the great memories with those I care about.
  24. Go to a Michigan Wolverines football game.
  25. Stop shaving and start getting waxed..I know TMI, but hey it's MY list :)
  26. Add a few colors other than black into my wardrobe.
  27. Stop having so many phobias and face my fears and overcome them.
  28. Vote for Rahm Emanuel to be the next Mayor of Chicago!! 

Crossed out items are completed.
Italicized items are in progress.
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