Friday, July 2, 2010

Taste of Chicago is a crazy time

On the way to the Taste Wednesday we passed the giant eyeball being worked on. This thing is pretty insane but really pretty cool!! I <3 Chicago weirdness!

Then the next bit of randomness was this. Honestly the Taste of Chicago is pretty cool, mainly because I love people watching. Wednesday was fun. Hairbangers Ball was not as good as they were at our schools fundraiser.
Saw this license plate on the way to the taste. I like! I also super like the car lol!!

First day I went to the Taste the crowd was not bad at all. Second day it was horrible. I went to get a funnel cake, because the Taste is not a complete experience without one and there were about 100 people in line!! One crazy chic who started bitching at my friend because he slightly bumped her. People like that are the reason why people are getting killed everyday in this city. People who got something to prove, like they are the toughest thing around!

Not only are some of the people just rude for no reason, but a god 1/2 of them are totally random as hell! I was sitting there enjoying my funnel cake with my friend and I see a teenager sitting her weird self in a baby stroller. I doubt highly that any baby appreciates your funky butt in their chair. Then there is this girl who is wearing a micro mini walking into the Taste. I saw so many poorly fitting clothes in just two days then I have seen maybe ever. I am inspired to do a Fashion Hell Nos blog. I wish parents would start to look at what their kids wore when they left the house, or not let them buy poorly fitting clothes in the first place.
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