Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Myth Busting: Online classes are NOT easy!!

I cannot tell you how many times I have read or heard that online classes are easy. So NOT true!! In fact I'd say it is much harder than regular classes on campus. I have done both so I have the inside track. I got my Bachelors in the classroom and am getting my Masters online.

In a classroom you have the benefit of listening to your teacher teach you the important topics, reading is secondary, teachers have office hours, study groups with classmates and typically there are study guides to help you review. In the world of online learning you don't ever hear your teacher teach, you teach yourself by reading. So far I have had 3-4 books to read per class which is a lot in just 8 weeks. Online you don't have study groups to benefit from. You have weekly papers and daily discussion forums. There are a lot of points and you've got to do everything well to succeed. You have to be so self disciplined and dedicated to wanting to succeed.

I have successfully completed semester 1 with a 4.0 to show for it. I'm very excited about that. I enjoy online learning because you have opportunities to learn through your classmates experiences. Each week you must participate in discussion forums Monday thru Thursday. In those discussions everyone relates the learning to their real life which makes what we read that much more useful.

I would highly recommend online learning to people who can focus on their own. You have to be self sufficient and be able to self motivate. It is not cheap so make sure it is for you.
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