Monday, July 12, 2010

Is MTV encouraging teenage pregnancy?

What is up with this Teen Mom show on MTV? There is one girl on there that needs to get shaken. Her and her baby daddy cannot get along but she is a little devilish thing, always throwing fits in front of her poor little baby. Another young girl is living with the boy who is a total lazy bum and they have no business faking a relationship. He does not even act like a father.I hate watching this because it makes me sad BUT of course I'll continue to watch because I'm a true reality tv addict.

I am so torn on whether or not I like that MTV keeps doing all these teen pregnancy and parenting shows. On one hand it shows how tough it is to have a child and how much your social life is out the window, but it also shows these kids being bratty, disrespectful and getting by on government aid. I also really do not like that it shows grandparents taking care of the kids so much, it sends the message that kids can have babies and just play with them when they want.I wish they showed the success with the struggle, I feel bad for all these kids who drop out of school and just seem so unhappy.

There was one Teen Mom I was watching and this young couple got engaged, they are maybe 17. I just wish these poor kids would let themselves grow up so they wouldn't get stuck in time. Its like kids have to prove that they are grown up so they have to do adult things. The best advice my mom EVER gave me was to not do everything when you're young because you won't have anything left to enjoy when you're older. I took that to heart and was a good kid who took my time enjoying life.

My mom had me right after she turned 20 and I remember being with my grandparents for a large part of my childhood so my mom could work. I respect the hard work she did but I remember she still went out and lived her life and dated. I felt secondary to her and primary to my grandparents a lot of the time.I get what these kids will grow up feeling like and honestly I don't agree with it. A bond is formed with a child at a young age and if the parents aren't grown up enough to make the bond they may never be able to get it back.
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