Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm lucky to have my family

Quite often I'm reminded of how amazing my family is because their support for me never ceases when I need it. For example today my grandma paid for a car repair that I needed. I of course will pay her back but how awesome is that that she was there for me all the way in Ohio. My grandmother is an amazing person and I do not know what I would do without her. In fact I think I wouldn't be a whole person anymore. She knows more about me than anyone else and she supports everything I do and loves me unconditionally. I am very excited my grandmother will be coming to Chicago not this Saturday but next and we'll do all sorts of fun Chicago stuff. I'm praying that it's not a bazillion degrees like it is right now!! I cannot stand the hot weather and I do not want my grandma to have to deal with it. No rain either. One year it rained so much when she visited that her train was delayed a day which was fun cause we had another day to hang. What's really cool about this year is that she's visiting for a few days and then we are going back to Ohio together to see her sister and my great aunt Ruth Anne. I have some fun stuff planned for us while she's here. I love showing her a good time and not letting her pay for anything. My grandma is truly amazing and I respect and admire her so much.

My grandfather is really cool, he's the ZZ Tops looking guy in the blue hawaiian type shirt. He took me to so many major concerts in my life and exposed me to a lot of great artists and opened my mind to seeing things in life differently. Man we saw Tom Petty, Aerosmith (twice), Rolling Stones, Bush, Ozzfest, Smoking Grooves Tour (twice), Alanis Morisette, wow I could go on forever. The first concert we saw was Willie Nelson at the Lorain County Fair. We even waited till after and like climbed a fence to meet him and get his autograph. I have his autograph somewhere on a red bandana. Seriously my grandpa is so cool!! He rocks at Jeopardy, has to be the smartest person I know. He knows so much stuff its really cool. When I was little I'd go to Lorenzo's this pizza place in Oberlin, OH with my grandparents and my grandpa and I would play the jukebox and play name that tune. I use to always play Bad to the Bone, I was religious with that song...loved it. Oh speaking of which I use to sing it into my little playstation tape recorder. I hope someone finds those and plays them at my wedding haha. I'd be embarrassed but come on I was a junior rock star, inside I'd be proud!! I look forward to seeing my grandpa in a few weeks.
My mother who is the lovely lady with my sister in the picture, you know the lady with the large hair situation. My mother is half black so she has always had this larger than life hair situation. I mean if she likes it I love it...and by love it I mean my sister and I love to tease her about it. My mother and I have been through it all, we've done more than our fair share of fighting and not talking to each other. We are both stubborn and it doesn't match well. Honestly I will always have a tough time because she will not tell me who my father is. I have always resented that about her a bit even though I hate to admit it and I hate to hold that in. I love my mom of course but will always have hurt. I look forward to seeing her in a few weeks and hanging out. When my mom, sister and I get together we are a bunch of hilarious assholes. We are always joking and laughing and have a great time. My family makes me laugh and keeps me sane while at times making me insane.

My sister, who just turned 19 (which means I'm old) is awesome. I think she's the coolest kid (which she no longer is) and have always admired her talents and strength. We have different fathers and neither of us like her father, total waste of space.She is now living with her boyfriend, so very mature, I'm not even there yet lol!! She finished massage therapy school and works pt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she passes her test and can start her massage therapy career, so proud of her!! I am super siked to see her when I go home. When we get together its a total force to be reckoned with, we are assholes. We have a plan to go to Walmart and find people to submit to that wonderful Walmart site.

Ok that was a serious family rant, but they are great. That is why I got my last tattoo it signifies the importance of each of these individuals. My leg looks all weird in the pic but I absolutely LOVE this tattoo. It feels very Angelina Jolie bad ass to me ;)

XI XXI- My bday
VII II- Callie's bday
X VI- Moms bday
VIII XXII- Grandmas bday
IX XX- Grandpas bday

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