Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Brother: New Season

Alright so here is the new cast. Hottie of the season I'm going to say is Brendon, but why are there never sexy black men...epic fail!! Two IL folks so I'll try to like and cheer for them. I think being on Big Brother would be fun, I should try out for that someday. I'd probably be the bitch of the house :)

Seasons cast:
  • Rachel Reilly, 26 – VIP Cocktail Waitress – Las Vegas, NV
  • Kristen Bitting, 24 – Boutique Manager – Philadelphia, PA
  • Britney Haynes, 22 – Hotel Sales Manager – Huntington, AR
  • Monet Stunson, 24 – Model – Glen Carbon, IL
  • Brendon Villegas, 30 – High School Swim Coach – Riverside, CA
  • Andrew Gordon, 39 – Podiatrist – Miami, FL
  • Enzo Palumbo, 32 – Insurance Adjuster – Bayonne, NJ
  • Kathy Hillis, 40 – Deputy Sheriff – Texarkana, AR
  • Annie Whittington, 27 – Bartender – Tampa, FL
  • Matt Hoffman, 32 – Web Designer – Elgin, IL
  • Lane Elenburg, 24 – Oil Rig Salesman – Decatur, TX
  • Ragan Fox, 34 – College ProfessorLos Angeles, CA
  • Hayden Moss, 24 – College Student, Athlete – Tempe, AZ
So far my faves are: Annie, Brendon, and Matt

My least faves: So far I like everyone, although the redhead seems pretty clueless.

Some information snagged from: Big Brother Network
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