Monday, June 7, 2010

MTV Movie Award Faves & Not so faves


Not a huge Scarlett fan but I love this look. Very classy and mature.

The Good

Smooth and sexy!

Whitney looks so pretty

Kristen Stewart: I know this one hasn't been popular but I think this is cute, very young and fresh.

Paul Rudd looks nice. Wondering if he botoxs though?

The Bad

So wrong for her body type!! She looks preggers
Jessica's hair is pretty but not feeling the outfit. 
 Not feeling either of their outfits. Hate his jeans and there is something about the hanging front that I don't like about hers.

This screams young and I think its too young for her to wear. Maybe she just looks older. 



Katy Perry: Just why?? Smurfish!!
It's bad when even Snooki looks better

No thanks, Lindsey.

It's alive. Christina...wouldn't expect better though.

Do not like it. Not even a little.

AGAIN, when Snooki is best dressed there is a PROBLEM.
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