Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do female cops overcompensate

What I want to know is why do most female cops overcompensate for not having a penis, aka not being a male cop. Female cops always seem to have a chip on their shoulder like they have something extra to prove. I think as a society we are at a point where we have accepted cops both male and female, so there is no reason for overcompensation. I have to tell you that that extra attitude and chip on their shoulder only makes me take them even less seriously. Now let me say I do know a female cop or two that doesn't have an attitude that is suppose to take place of a penis, they are just doing their job the way it should be done. I think the attitude is there so that people will take them seriously and they'll seem more tough, but in actuality it seems like someone trying to hard to prove to you that they are something that they really aren't, which is probably a good cop.

I have to say I have gotten a ticket or two in my life, what can I say I was born with a lead foot and country roads to fly down at maximum speed. Until a few months ago I had never been pulled over by a woman cop. Even when men were pulling me over for going 30+ over the speed limit they were at least cordial and professional. I got tickets but I appreciated their professionalism, well not at the moment but years later after the pain of the ticket payment wore off haha. So when I got pulled over a few months ago for what this cop called running a stop sign she was nothing more then a total bitch. First of all, I came to a complete stop, she was angled weird and parked behind a car blocking her full view. She pulls me over and gives me a ticket. You know whatever fine, I'm over that part of it but the fact that she was so damn rude it was ridiculous. I do not need female cops to act like dudes. You do not have a penis, it's ok, in fact really who wants one of those so get over it. Even when you see them walking down the street they walk like high school wrestlers. We do not need to see your masculinity, be a female cop and act like a woman, you'll garner much more respect!!
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