Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chipmunk Cheeks

My chipmunk cheeks are out of this world!! Chipmunk cheeks basically means like it looks like I'm storing food for winter. I'm watching Cedric the Entertainers Urban Circus and I've seen myself a few times and my cheeks are HUGE. Also, couldn't have been a worse hair day!! It was the day of the massive rain storms with windows breaking downtown. I had massive humidity hair! Too funny to watch. This is motivation to get my ass into the gym for sure. 
The show was so much fun. I had free RedEye tickets and they weren't great but I was siked to go. I was outside waiting for a friend and all of a sudden a TBS exec came over and gave me AWESOME tickets. Two 6th row center seats. Ced even did a bit in my row!!
I saw myself quite a bit when watching the show. It was kinda cool!
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