Friday, June 18, 2010

5 hour energy really do work!!

Hour One (11pm-12am)-Definitely woken up
Hour Two(12pm-1am)- Can't tell if I'm wide awake or in a weird trance
Hour Three (1am-2am)-Wide's too quiet in my house. I wish there was a 5 hour motivation drink because I'm up but not writing my paper lol!!
Hour Four (2am-3am)-Wide awake and it's still too quiet. I have slowly begun to do some homework. I may need to take a 2nd energy drink just to stay up for when I actually start working dammit. Eyes hurt but it's from staring at a computer screen ALL DAY! Still awake. Its a really weird feeling.
Hour Five (3am-4am)- Still awake. Maybe I'll finally do some of my paper now. When does the sun come up? I think I'll wait for it like in the old days of college. I hear the birds chirping already!
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