Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hills & The City...they're back!!

OMG so I love this show but I was NOT ready to see Heidi and her new plasticness haha. I love how the show started and they were only showing her from behind so there was a unveiling when she was with her mom. Her mom thinks she looks like crap and it is so obvious. Heidi use to be such a pretty girl. What the hell was she thinking?? She looks old and she looks really gross. Plastic surgery is fine to enhance but there was nothing enhancing about what she did.
Ok can I say how jealous I am about the Miami partying it looks like so much fun. I love how Kristen is so not meant to be friends with girls. She seems like a really cool chick!! The girls are all so damn annoying, everything is a drama. I use to like Lo, but she needs to get away from Audrina and Stephanie they are brain dead!!! Hilarious that Stephanie is calling Kristen a "liability", very surprised that she even knows that word. Stephanie is a huge hypocrite. The bulimic and alcoholic is judging someone whose partying and having a good time. I officially have started the season hating those 3 girls!!!  TEAM KRISTEN!!!

First of all I HEART KELLY CUTRONE. She is like the reason to watch this show!! Ok on the other end I absolutely HATE Erin. Yes Olivia seems like a total idiot, but Erin is an ubber bitch at least on the show. I love that Kelly is such a hardass but she has such a huge heart. Fun drama to come on this season I love it!!

As soon as the show goes off, on comes Trey Songz....seriously is it legal to be that damn sexy!!! I digressed...but DAMN seriously!!
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