Monday, March 29, 2010

I Moved!!!

I just moved after living in my apartment for four and a half years. I am so happy to be out of that apartment and I feel like this gives me a fresh start. I have a roommate now, which is super new because I have only had a roommate before for one school year. That went well for the most part so I have high hopes. Now that I am moved I want to focus on school and get back into working out. I have been in my head too much this past month due to issues at my job and I'm done dealing with drama. Sometimes you have to look at a job as just that.

This weekend my wonderful mother and sister came to visit which was really awesome. It was much needed family time and we got the most out of it. My sister also brought her boyfriend and he is a very nice boy. I'm very happy for her!! We spent time running errands, eating out and just relaxing in the new place. They got to hang out with my neighbor who is a long time friend and that was a fun time and a very long night lol. When family leaves I always get so sad. I wish that Indiana was not in the middle of Ohio and Illinois lol. The trip isn't too bad but it's not something to do every weekend. I will be planning a trip home sometime over the summer. My sister will be taking her state boards for massage therapy and I know she'll do great so we can celebrate. I hope that she'll be back around her birthday also!!

After my family left I went out to find a desk and a chair because I need to make my second room more of an office and not just a room with tons of boxes ha. I have to start going through everything and hide all the boxes in the second closet. My closet is heaven in my main room!! I got a cute small desk, which I still have to put together and I got this really cute pink chair which you see in the picture that I made when I got home. 
Now it's time to do some more homework and get some readings done. Grad school....crazy!!
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