Monday, February 8, 2010

Is the Tiger Woods thing really still going on?

Good lord, are we really still giving 15 minutes to every woman who says she slept with Tiger Woods? I'd love to know how many of these women are lying!! I wonder what goes through the minds of these women when they choose to come forward. I honestly think these women think it'll sky rocket their fame. How does being someone's whore really seem like a platform to start a career? I'd have to think not only will they not be famous but how will they have successful careers? The novelty of being one of Tigers whore will eventually run out and whose going to hire women they can't trust who have no self respect? I guess the thing is he was only dating women without real careers anyhow so I guess they've got nothing to lose.

I can't imagine knowing someone who would do something like that. There are many times when you may run into a married man and not know he's married, but Tiger is a famous man whose very married. Women do this all the time with famous men. What is the appeal of being the other woman of a famous man? What if you never gain anything monetarily, is it a waste of time then? Ruining a marriage for nothing.
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