Monday, January 18, 2010

I heart award show dresses

I absolutely love watching award show red carpets. Everyone looks so beautiful! Just for fun I chose my favorite and not so favorites to share!! 


This look on Jennifer is just beautiful, my favorite part is that it was a Christmas gift from her boyfriend. He's a keeper!!

Absolutely stunning, this dress and Penelope's whole looks is just gorgeous!!
This is a great look. I love the fit on her and the gold is beautiful.
Golds and silvers stole my heart this year.
Kristen Bell looks beautiful in this dress. Very young and vibrant looking, short was a great way to go!!


Mariah only knows how to be tacky, why should an awards show be any different. Cover up your tata's lady!! She needs to start dressing her age, and tactfully.
Christina Aguilera. This Versace dress is too space ship, out of this world looking for me. Love her hair though! 
WTF Cher, seriously? Adams Family much?
Pure Ugly! The dress hangs weird in my opinion!!
This looks so sloppy and is not flattering to her form at all!! 

Photos: WireImage Getty
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