Friday, December 25, 2009

New Years Resolutions...yeah I'm serious!!

Every year I avoid resolutions because it seems like just another waste of time, adding more to my already overflowing to do list. This year I figured I'd get into the spirit and give it a try.

2. Take more vacations this year
3. Leave work AT WORK where it belongs
4. Meet new people
5. Start MS degree
6. Reduce stress "just breathe"
7. Stop drinking pop (well maybe a few)
9. Get out more (aka get a dang social life)
10. Just live life and take advantage of all opportunities that come my way!

I just turned 27 I think its time for me to have more follow through on goals that aren't just professional. I've been kickin ass at job oriented goals but beyond that I've been pretty blah. Time to jump start my life and make age 27 the best ever!!
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