Monday, December 28, 2009

I had Christmas dinner at Denny's...

My family is great, only we can pull off Christmas Dinner at Denny's and make it fun. Christmas Eve is our regular extravagant dinner night and my mothers cooks up all her wonderful dishes. This year was nothing short of DELICIOUS like always. After a huge meal like that we all slink off to bed and sleep till about 10am to open our gifts. My grandparents who are conveniently located in the house right next door come for Christmas Eve dinner and for Christmas Day breakfast and present opening. On Christmas Day my mother, sister and I went to see my sisters grandmother and family (we have different dads), they're interesting people. Well that's putting it wrong, what's interesting is that they're all really rather boring actually. We showed up late because we had been relaxing after present opening and breakfast. When we finally arrived at the their house they'd already eaten (bastards), honestly it's ok my step father's mom is a icky cook. She tries to get all creative, and really I just want some normal good food that stays down!! So we get there late and we aren't even offered food. Immediately my sister and I are over it and ready to leave, but we stay for about an hour. After that we decided McDonalds would be the Christmas dinner of choice, only to find out that was CLOSED, seriously McDonalds closed...mortal sin! So we called Denny's and just like trusty ole Denny's they were open, we high tailed it out to Amherst and ate Denny's for Christmas dinner. I really think this should be our new Christmas dinner tradition. Who doesn't like to sit at Denny's and laugh at the most random people. My sister and I traded comments back and forth all night about this absolutely tragic family who we came to realize after being nosey ALL worked at Denny's. There was a daughter who looked 12, and had a pedophilish looking boyfriend. Her dad then walked in PLASTERED, he was apparently coming to pick up his daughter and his son who was doing dishes. Now if that isn't family bonding I don't know what is.
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