Monday, November 16, 2009

The wait, thinking happy thoughts.

Its final, I officially finished all my graduate school admissions requirements. I normally would never talk about this because of the chance of not getting in. At this point if I don't get in I think I'm ok with it. It'd be happening for a reason. I feel like this is the determining factor to let me know if nonprofit is what ill always be doing. If not maybe ill go get a MBA, who knows. I can truthfully say for once my whole life isn't planned out and things will just fall how they should once I find out the answer. I'm almost 27 and I stress WAY too much for someone any age. I know my career is in helping the youth of the future. I didn't grow up rich, nor did I grow up poor. I grew up taken care of and happy. I am from a middle of nowhere country town in Ohio and I never had to worry about the things the kids today do. I feel sorry that they have to be a part of the negativity that the world puts out. I want to run an organization that can help pull kids out of the negative worlds that so many slip into. I won't talk too much about it because it's a unique idea and I don't want to lose it to another. Anyhow, I'm thinking happy thoughts. My future is bright, this degree won't determine my success it may just lead me to success down a certain path over another.
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