Saturday, November 14, 2009

My attempt at free therapy...

Sometimes it helps to just talk about it and get things off your chest. Sometimes blowing off steam and complaining your way out of a mental breakdown is just what you need. I gave a therapist a try before...ugh she was a snooze. I think everything she told me I may have learned in Psych 101 as a Psychology Major. I think I'll just prescribe myself some self help and blogging. This is totally new for me, I'm not use to talking about my life, sharing my opinions yes but talking about me not really. I figure, I'm turning 27 in a week time to stop being such a wuss. Actually the fact that I'm about to turn 27 is the main reason I'm here, I've been doing a lot of reflecting and I'm missing something...A LIFE lol. I'm a full-fledged workaholic, which is ok because I love my job and what I do. 

Right now as I type I'm sitting on a beautiful balcony in the heart of Chicago, I'm house sitting watching the city and people walk by below. Chicago is beautiful, I've been here for almost 5 years and I feel so happy to have made that choice. I of course miss my family back in good ole oHIo, but I know they support my journey and my career. I'm actually Amtrak'in it home in a week to to spend a week with them. 

I love watching life go by and watching people interact, not until recently did I realize that I've been spending the better part of my 20s just watching and not living. It's time for a change, how I'm not sure yet but honestly the first step was realizing something has to change...right?
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