Monday, November 16, 2009

I use to blog, things happen for a reason

How funny is it that I pretty much completely forgot that I use to blog on Xanga...seriously OLD AGE! Check it out these were the good ole days: It's so funny to read the old blog it's like an old diary I was so excited and full of youth and energy. Just another reminder that it's time for me to GET A LIFE!! I'm actually almost embarrassed at the amount of slang I use to use haha. I just graduated college and I was saying things like "it's been a grip"...who was I hahaha. This blog was in a pretty major part of my life. I graduated, couldn't find a job, was miserable and hiding it well by PARTYING nonstop and spending money I didn't have. Oh the joys of youth. I thought for sure I'd be moving to Columbus, Ohio which is a great city and I really do love it but I found this Chicago opportunity last minute and came here. Things really do happen for a reason even when we think they don't.

It's funny how many times things happen in life and we just rest in the notion that "life isn't fair", I've had a variety of things happen to me good and bad. I'm learning to role with the punches and take it all as a learning experience no matter how much it sucks. I wish I would have given myself more credit throughout my 20s and counted more on myself to be who I am and to succeed then to put debilitating pressure on myself. Sometimes it's better to just give it all a shot and see where fate leads you instead of holding back because you're not 100% sure of yourself. That's been me my entire life, if I'm not sure I'll be great at it I hold back. I'm starting to let that go. I'm starting to be confident in who I am and confident that things will happen how they should.

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