Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday=Bust!!

My sister and I got the CRAZY idea that doing the early Black Friday festivities would be fun.

2:48am Mom, Cal and I left the house (wtf I know).

3:30am First stop Old Navy. Usually they have awesome sweater deals and some cute stuff. I wasn't impressed at all. Mind you they're super affordable but on Black Friday I want deals and steals and nothing impressed me! Not only that but they had over 100 people in line it wrapped around the store twice. Ugh too crazy for us. See some of the happy campers in line below lol. Suckers!

4:00am We go to JCPennys its all that was open. We checked it out they had a few good deals, mom got a sweater. Then we realized nothing else was open and we were starving. We want to get breakfast and the McDonalds in the mall apparently doesn't do any bacon, egg and cheese bagel or biscuits. So off we went to Dennys which is in Berea/Middleburg Hts right by my Cal's school.

5:00am We get to Denny's to start our breakfast experience. So there are a few tables filled there, maybe 5 total and one waitress whose flippin' out with stress. Anyhow we sit there and the womans a nut and a horrible server. My mom, sister and I have all served so we know what busy is and we are very understanding but this woman was just bad and rude. She would tell new customers she's sit them in 10 minutes. What an idiot, she could of sat them and let them look at their menus. Just not a very bright woman. Anyhow while we were in there eating it started to SNOW...wet snow. Gross!! My first snow of the year was in Ohio with my family.
6:30am Back to the mall to check out regular stores the sales weren't great at all. Few stores had 30-50% off but it was of all their overpriced stuff. Boo I found no good deals that were really deals. I found one thing and it was full price. I needed a new bra and as always Victoria's Secret had no good deals. They think buy one get one half off is a good deal, but essentially your total then ends up being $70 for two bras and that just isn't my cup of tea!!

To summarize Black sucked!! I think I'm getting a cold now and I got no deals or sleep. 

Update: Totally wasn't getting sick just lack of sleep + crabbiness=short lived runny nose! All in all I did enjoy the time with my family even if we didn't get to spend money!!
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